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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hey guys, Merry Christmas to all those who celebrated and happy holidays!

This week on Eaumelon I want to share my top tips to staying fit during the holidays without feeling like you have to deprive yourself.

1.) Go for a morning run or walk before starting your day

2.) Share your meals

3.) Bring a healthy plate you can snack on to your holiday dinners/parties

4.) Always stay hydrated and make sure you're drinking plenty of water (keeps you full longer)

5.) Lastly - ENJOY! Life is all about balance no need to be too strict all the time, just make sure you get back on track and into a routine

Here are some snaps of how I spent my holidays .. Yes you guessed it - Lots of beach, plant based cafés, running, and watermelon:)

Love always,

Your forever island girl


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