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Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

If you guys have been following me on Instagram for some time now, I think you know very well my heartfelt dedication to living a mostly plant based lifestyle. I program myself with nature - take breaks, eat healthy nutrient dense whole foods, stay hydrated and always incorporate ways to move my body on a daily basis. I enjoy the slow pace of life and find that during this pandemic, it is the best time for everyone to focus on their health more than anything.


1) Lower BMI (Body Mass Index)

2) Lower risk of chronic diseases

3) Lower toxic load (because of less or no meat, dairy, farm-raised fish)

4) Animal welfare

5) The planet (animal agriculture is a major cause of deforestation) - farmers are cutting down forests to provide room for grazing livestock)

6) Resources (Plant based foods require less energy, space, and water)

7) Longevity (Plant foods are greater in antioxidant compounds)

Trying to promote a lifestyle doesn't mean that this is the perfect one for you, but including more plant based whole foods in your every day lifestyle is definitely sustainable and has clear benefits on our overall wellbeing :) Take this post into consideration next time you want to make a healthier choice! Xx



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