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E-Book Launch

Hey guys,

First off, apologies for my summer-long hiatus I've been working hard testing out recipes and catching up on Integrative Nutrition School notes - so I can share all my knowledge with all of you in my upcoming E-Book! I really can't remember the last time I was this excited about anything in all honesty :)

I've been talking about this E-book for a while now and a lot of you have shown so much interest! Thank you guys so much for your sweet messages on instagram and for being extremely supportive in my passion for health and wellness. My goal for launching this plant based E-book is to create a wellness ripple effect and add a healthy touch to each of your lives in some way.

The purpose of this blog post is to go in depth about what exactly will be included in my first ever E-Book.

- Discussing the role of an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach

- Talking about what Primary and Secondary food mean and the Integrative Nutrition Circle of Life diagram

- the unique nutrition theory

- How to decrease your cravings for refined sugar

- Bio-individuality and the evolution of nutrition

- Politics of the Plate

- Investigating whole foods and reading nutrition labels

- The Golden Path

- Produce and Pantry staples

- and finally, 50 plant based recipes (All recipes that I make and eat on the daily, and desserts that I indulge in and enjoy myself) To break it down, it will include 10 smoothies, 10 breakfast ideas, 20 lunch and dinner bowls/sandwiches//wraps and finally 10 guilt free desserts that you and your family can enjoy)

Since my E-book will be launching in the Fall (fingers crossed for mid/late October) I am currently adding some exciting fall recipes that will include lots of Autumn vegetables like squash, pumpkin, brussel sprouts and carrots --- YUM! Keep in mind however, this E-book will include recipes that you can use year round. I also made sure to re-use a lot of ingredients in dressings/salads/ etc. so you won't feel overwhelmed with your grocery lists!

I'll keep you guys updated on Instagram when the launch date is set in stone! Can't wait lovely humans :))

Sending you warm and green vibes,

Stay safe, healthy, and Green with Reem


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