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Juice Fasting

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Hey guys,

I'm lucky enough to be collaborating with Wild and the Moon - a favorite of mine in terms of plant based spots in the UAE. And since we could all use an immunity boost, especially right now - (with the unfortunate spread of Corona Virus) I decided to do a 2 day Juice Detox drinking raw and cold-pressed juices made by Wild and the Moon (obviously) - in order to clean my insides, and to give my digestive system a break. Wild and the Moon only uses wild, local, gluten-free, ethically sourced, seasonal and plant-based ingredients so you know it's legit. The day detox included one immunity boost shot and five cold pressed juices throughout the day.

To sum it up in short, I did cheat a bit for chewing purposes - the first day I had solely a bit of watermelon and woke up the next day feeling a lot more energized and lighter. Although to be completely honest day 2 I broke my fast and had a light plant based meal:) Again, I fully believe in bio-individuality some people can do this sort of fast for a week, but for me one day was plenty! Keeping this in mind the juices all tasted amazing and I would drink them regardless (detox or no detox). Thankfully Wild and the Moon has thought ahead for all of us and made these detoxes accessible for those of you who want to try it for 1 / 3 / 5 /or 7 days. It was a great way to change things up and I highly recommend incorporating new ways of experimenting in your diet and finding what works best for your body. For me, I think it would be great to do every once in a while.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on juice fasting... Link for Detoxes if you're interested:

https://www.wildandthemoon.ae/detox-programs/ .

Happy Juicing,



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