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What "Wellness" Means To Me

Hey guys,

I hope you've all been doing well! It has been a strange time for many of us post-pandemic. People have shifted mindsets, careers, and are starting to focus more on their health.

With the rise in the wellness industry, I find the word "wellness" being overused and it has somewhat started to lose its meaning. Wellness can mean many different things to different people. During my time at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I learned plenty about primary food which reflects the importance of so many aspects besides good food and good nutrition.

In my personal opinion "wellness" does not and should not have one specific definition. For me when I think of the word wellness so many different thoughts and ideas run through my head :

- developing a morning routine

- discovering cute coffee shops to work from

- self care

- taking up a hobby

- daily movement

- surrounding yourself with people you love and feel good around

- immersing yourself in a good read

- watching your favorite series

- taking a stroll in nature

- going on a little adventure

- journaling

- traveling

- learning something new and trying to improve yourself everyday

Now I'd love to hear what does wellness mean to you?




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